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The field of Radiopharmaceuticals and Theranostics is rapidly evolving with exceptional promise and expanding scope. Several FDA approved radiopharmaceuticals such as radium 223 and Lu177 dotatate exist in approved oncology clinics today.  

More exciting, there is an immense wave of radiopharmaceutical investigational agents flooding the research world. Numerous clinical trials have been undertaken or in the planning in Europe, Australia, and the U.S. These diagnostic and therapeutic isotopes hold promise to unleash better ways of more accurately locating cancer in the body and delivering tumor destroying isotopes precisely to those locations. Radiopharmaceuticals may very well change how oncologists deliver cancer care tomorrow.

Prostate Cancer trials have been at the forefront of this wave, but closely followed by many other tumor types. Always striving for the most innovative treatment options for prostate cancer patients, Dr. Nordquist recognized early on the potential of these agents. His center rapidly developed a robust Radiopharmaceutical and Theranostics program which is considered the leader of radiopharmaceutical clinical trials in the community. Patients travel from coast to coast to his center for consideration of a radiopharmaceutical trial. His program enrolled the first patient on the the global VISION Lu177 PSMA trial and accrued over 50 of the 800 patients. His program was also one of just a small number of very prestigious sites selected for the Ac225 and Th227 prostate clinical trials including sites in Helsinki, UK, MSKCC, Tulane, and City of Hope.

Dr. Nordquist has demonstrated the ability to develop such a program despite being a solo medical oncologist. He has taken this knowledge and ability and through XCancer is expanding this experience and know-how to create similar programs at other Community Cancer Centers. XCancer currently has the largest radiopharmaceutical clinical trials network in the U.S.

XCancer gives these Community Cancer Centers a marketable difference with its clinical trial opportunities in this field. Patient have a choice and will travel the globe relentlessly for access to a radiopharmaceutical agent or better imaging capabilities.

XCancer, works to develop a business strategy from clinical trial offerings to expanding revenue potential with research CT imaging and innovative PET.

XCancer® Radiopharmaceutical & Theranostics Services:

  • Business Strategy & Operational Expertise
  • Facility Design and Equipment Procurement
  • Nuclear Medicine Staff Recommendations
  • State vs Federal NRC Regulations
  • Authorized User Requirements
  • Radiation Safety Officer Requirements
  • Radioactive Material License Application and Amendments
  • Audits and other Regulatory Documents
  • Appropriate Research Billing for Revenue Potential

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