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XCancer Corporation is an innovative leader in cancer clinical trials. We are a research network of Community Cancer Centers spanning from coast to coast. We utilize the large portion of cancer patients seen at Community Cancer Centers that are able to receive care close to home, which favorably impacts trial accrual rates. Community Cancer Centers also lack bureaucracy that often hinders site start-up seen at large institutions. We open trials in weeks, not months.

XCancer non-exclusively integrates with Community Cancer Centers to become the research backbone responsible for identifying and matching clinical trials to a cancer center's patient populations and research interests. We also negotiate all contracts and top tier budgets. We oversee all components of regulatory, PI oversight responsibilities, and audit readiness. We perform all lab kit instructions, data entry, and invoicing/payments. We bring years of clinical trials experience to ensure a center performs to the best of its ability and is appropriately and timely compensated without experiencing crippling overhead.

XCancer has engaged with over 40 community cancer centers across the U.S. in enrolling nearly 1000 cancer patients to date. We proficiently carry out Phase I, first in human trials, through large multicenter Phase IV trials for all tumor types. Our streamlined yet successful business model has allowed us to become one of the fastest-growing Cancer Research Networks in the U.S.

XCancer is committed to advancing cancer care, providing real-world solutions to common research obstacles, and assist in stabilizing Community Cancer Centers, which remain a critical arm of the U.S. Healthcare System.

The Origins of XCancer

Dr. Luke Nordquist is a MSKCC-trained, practicing Medical Oncologist. His career passions are Cancer Patients and the survival of the Community Cancer Centers. In 2010 Dr. Luke Nordquist founded the Urology Cancer Center & GU Research Network (GURN), based in Omaha, NE dedicated to the Treatment and Research of Urologic Cancers. This research program rapidly gained global recognition and several commendations in the drug development world for its innovative concepts & software, rapid study start-up, standardized processes and efficiencies leading to exception accrual numbers, and prompt accurate data. GURN has been recruited for several phase I, first-in-human trials and requested to partner on trials with some of the most reputable academic institutions

In 2017, at the request of several Community Cancer Centers that wished to replicate such a research program for their centers, Dr. Nordquist expanded his team and using GURN's experience as the think-tank, formed Precision Cancer Research now rebranded as XCancer. Through strong relations, XCancer brings together its expanding network of highly selective community cancer centers with the XCancer team as their research backbone and investigational drug pipelines from the most innovative pharmaceuticals sponsors and CROs.

Pharma has Thousands of Cancer Clinical Trials...

Community Cancer Centers Care for Millions of Cancer Patients who could Benefit from these Trials Today...

XCancer Aims to Better Orchestrate this System!!

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